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VitalAire Brand

Global leading brand for home healthcare activities

Providing continuous integrated medical services focusing on caring for chronic patients at home on Respiratory disease and Infusion Therapy.

VitalAire Brand

As the international brand for home healthcare activities of Air Liquide Helathcare, VitalAire is a major player in the therapeutic management of  1,200,000 chronic patients at home. We are present in 35 countries; we serve this increasing number of patients worldwide always at the same uncompromising quality and safety standards.

VitalAire’s offer

Providing a complete suite of services in most countries

  • Facilitating discharge from hospital
  • Setting up efficient and secure treatment at home in compliance with medical prescription
  • Testing and selecting medical devices through our evaluation lab
  • Delivering medical devices and consumables
  • Training patients and their family on medical devices
  • Monitoring patients’ compliance to treatment and reporting data to physicians
  • Co-ordinating services with healthcare professionals
  • Ensuring 24/7 assistance

VitalAire’s home healthcare innovation

Innovation in home healthcare combines technology and services

  • We evaluate, develop and integrate new technologie: Medical devices, telemonitoring
  • We develop patient support programmes: Programmes developed with medical experts to enhance patient's compliance to treatment and quality of life, as well as cost-effectiveness of treatments
  • We contribute to therapeutic practices evaluation
  1. Several observational studies performed on patients under LTOT or insulin pump therapy
  2. Medico-economic studies: CPAP and infusion therapies