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VitalAire Sleep Service

We provides the best services and follow-up to you.

The professional VitalAire sleep management team is committed to providing the best services and follow-up to you.

Our Services and Maintenance

  • Life-time follow-up: Our professional sleep management team provides continued follow-up guidance on the compliant use of the machines as well as the maintenance service of the machine itself in its life-time.
  • Rental and trial: We supply various machines for your option to rental and trials in your customized programs.
  • Pressure titration: We provide free pressure adjustment and retitration to ensure your best treatment.  
  • Teletrek follow-up: Teletrek is our remote medical tele-monitoring service that provides on-line queries at any time.
  • Maintenance and inspection: We provide services including the inspection of the power supply and accessories, the calibration of the pressure and cleaning of the interior of the machine.
  • Blood oxygen saturation test: We utilize professional medical monitoring equipments to do the oxygen saturation test and the heart test, including monitor overnight blood oxygen saturation for you.
  • Other tests: Other tests include the blood pressure test and Boby Mass Index test.
  • Troubleshooting: We provide diagnosis, tests and repair for troubleshooting in the quickest reaction.
  • Backup machine: We provide you backup machines during your maintenance for your safe treatment.
  • Parts supplies: We offer complete series of disposables such as masks, tubings and filters.

According to the different product types, VitalAire will provide personalized service to you, please contact us to get your service package.

VitalAire Sleep Education Brochure

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