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VitalAire Oxygen Rental Program

VitalAire supplies a variety of rental packages for your oxygen therapy to provide you a convenient life style and improve your life quality.

Why to Rent an Oxygen Concentrator?

VitalAire’s oxygen rental program provides you with a steady source of medical oxygen, allowing your safe use of the medical device while enjoying regular follow-up services provided by our professional homecare team. You can learn the progress and effectiveness of your treatment and the results of your long-term therapy are ensured.

The VitalAire’s rental service of portable oxygen concentrator provides your travel with more protection and convenience.

For either the long-term or short-term use, the oxygen rental program is a safe, economic, efficient and flexible choice for you.

Procedures of VitalAire Oxygen Rental Program

  • Call or come to our service center (Please refer to Contact Us for our detailed address and contact number).

  • Our customer service staff will help you to choose a suitable rental package, explain the details of our rental program, ensure the delivery address and discuss the installation date with you. 

  • Before delivery, our staff will contact you to double confirm the installation date and address. The machine will be sent to your designated location for your verification and acceptance.

  • We are professional in the device installation. We will give you person-to-person oxygen application guidance, safety education on oxygen inhalation, disease education and guidance on safety use of the machine so that you can use the device safely and at easily. We will also sign a formal rental contract with you to ensure your benefits and rights.

  • Our machine is easy to use, convenient and safe. You can enjoy your oxygen therapy anytime and anywhere to restore your healthy life quality.

  • To ensure the best treatment results, our professional customer service staff will do regular home visits to help you to solve any possible issues arisen from using your oxygen therapy.

  • Our professionals will provide regular on-site services. To ensure your best treatment outconmes, they will check the outlet oxygen concentration and ensure that the device is working properly and the oxygen concentration is stable.