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VitalAire Home Oxygen Service

VitalAire provides you with a full range of follow-up services on home oxygen therapy to meet your various oxygen needs and to ensure the safety and effectiveness of oxygen treatment.

Oxygen Therapy Service

  • Free trials of our devices are available at designated community hospitals, community service centers and our service centers.
  • We will regularly invite respiratory experts from 3A hospitals to provide education on the disease and therapy solution.
  • Our professional customer service representatives will regularly call you to solve any problem you may have during your oxygen therapy to ensure the effectiveness.
  • Our engineers provide door-to-door service to conduct preventative maintenance and check the oxygen concentration to ensure your safety use during the oxygen therapy.
  • We provide pulse test and blood oxygen saturation test to help you to understand your health condition thoroughly
  • We provide 24-hour service of blood oxygen saturation monitoring to help doctor to understand your disease progress and therapy results with effective evidences. 
  • We provide backup machines for your emergency use and make you free from any worries.
  • We offer both the patient communication platform and the expert consultation platform for you.
  • We provide complete consumables of oxygen therapy for your best solutions.

According to the different product types, VitalAire will provide personalized service to you, please contact us to get your service package.