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Treatment of COPD

Early interference and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary is vitally important because it helps to slow down the disease’s development process.

Proper Treatment of COPD

COPD, as a progressive disease, develops gradually and slowly with a main manifestation of the progressive decline in lung function. Recent studies

ndicated that COPD may cause complications such as coronary heart disease and high blood pressure disease. Similar to other chronic diseases (such as hypertension and diabetes), COPD is incurable. But early treatment can help to slow down the disease’s development and improve the patient’s life quality.

The treatment method of COPD shall be chosen according to the disease levels. For example, if the disease is acute with severe symptoms of fever, expectoration and breathlessness, the doctor may choose one or more therapies from various treatment methods including hospitalization, infusion, drug therapy and oxygen therapy in accordance with the patient’s situation. After the acute period, the treatment in the stable period plays an important role in disease control. According to different levels of the disease, the treatments at this stage include drug and non-drug therapy. Non-drug therapies include smoking cessation, long-term oxygen therapy, education, exercises and so on.

Respiratory Rehabilitation Program

Respiratory rehabilitation program is a treatment plan designed for patients with COPD at the stable stage. The program contains education, nutrition, breath practice, exercise and so on.

Although COPD can not be cured thoroughly, we can conduct a series of effective actions at stable stage to help patients to slow down COPD development, reduce hospitalization, improve life quality and decrease medical costs.

VitalAire and some 3A hospitals in Beijing have carried out some respiratory rehabilitation programs with the aims to help COPD patients to comprehensively manage their diseases, provide individual advices on their therapies, help to relieve the symptoms, slow down the disease’s development, and improve patients’ physical abilities and life quality. 

Targets of the Global COPD Treatment Guidance

  1. Relieve symptoms
  2. Prevent disease development
  3. Improve exercise tolerance 
  4. Improve health condition
  5. Prevent acute worsening
  6. Prevent disease complications
  7. Reduce mortality