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Diabetes Complications

Poor glycemic control may lead to complications of diabetes.

According to the speed and pathological changes of diabetic complications, it can be divided into two categories: acute complications and chronic complications.

Diabetes Complications Indications

Acute complications may occur at any time, treatment is not timely to endanger life

  • Hypoglycemic coma
  • Hypertonic coma
  • Lactic acidosis.
  • Ketoacidosis

Chronic complications - damage to the body organs, the health killer of Diabetes patients

  • Retinopathy, causing blindness
  • Cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, heart failure
  • Diabetic neuropathy, limb numbness, impotence
  • Stroke (stroke)
  • Diabetic nephropathy, renal failure
  • Diabetic foot, amputation, paralysis

How to prevent and manage?

To prevent diabetes complications, you can refer the following suggestions and consult with your family doctor for body check regularly. If needed, your family doctor will refer you to specialists for further assessment and treatment.

Prevent diabetic complications & actions:

  • Annual check-up on renal function to prevent diabetic nephropathy
  • To prevent diabetic Foot, you need to learn the skills of foot care, observe the feet every day for problems such as ingrowing toenails, cuts and sores and consult your family doctor for advice on any foot problems
  • Perform eye check-up annually to prevent diabetic Eye Disease